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Folly I

Periscope Pergola

Yoshiharu Tsukamoto
광주 동구 서석동 45-15 광주대성학원 앞


There is an ivy-covered Pergola with a roof that is penetrated by one tree on the site. Keeping in mind that “viewing platform” was the keyword for the design; we thought it would be regrettable to break the existing Pergola. Actually, we had considered an idea to place another structure as a viewing deck on the roof of the existing Pergola, but in this case it could exaggerate not only the structure but also stairs, handrails, and so on. So, instead of lifting the body up, we decided to lift the eyes up into the sky. With the periscope you will be able to see distant views from the existing Pergola.

Tower / Viewing Platform / Pergola are integrated into one piece which makes it a suitable optical instrument for Gwangju.


Yoshiharu Tsukamoto