Folly IV Overview & Concept

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Folly IV

Folly IV Overview & Concept

Gwangju Folly Ⅳ – Gate Folly 

A literal definition of the folly is “an uber-decorated object or structure that lost its originally intended function”. The locus of our attention is this disjunction between form and performance. Each folly accommodates a certain function within the context of the city, while retaining its potential as an independently operating and read object. They interact with its surroundings and communicate with the passerby, ultimately rejuvenating the old center of Gwangju.

Gwangju Biennale Foundation has been organizing Gwangju Folly since 2011, inviting renowned architects from around the world. From Gwangju Folly Ⅰ(11 projects) that focused on ‘restoring the history’ to Gwangju Folly Ⅱ(8 projects) that explored ‘human right and public space’ and finally Gwangju Folly Ⅲ(11 projects) under the theme ‘Folly & Everyday Life – Taste & Beauty’, 30 Folly projects have been creating the cultural landscape of Gwangju as they occupied different spots around the city.

Gwangju Folly Ⅳ is an inquiry about ‘Gwangjuness’. The aesthetic of the city unfolds more diversly as it expands the project from the old city center to the tollgate, the very entrance of the city. Gwangju Folly Ⅳ – Gate Folly The light of Moodeung was completed in May 2020 which marked the 40th year of the May 18 Democratization Movement. It carries the spirit of Gwangju which stands for democracy, human rights and peace while pointing to the future of Gwangju and its values.