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  • Q. What is the overall concept of Gwangju Folly I?

    Basic Concept  

    The basic concept of Gwangju Folly I is to introduce or remind people of the presence of Gwangju-eup Castle and the value of May 18 uprising.   

    The area contains the past of Gwangju represented as May 18 uprising, the present of Gwangju downtown, and Asian Cultural Complex signifying the future of Gwangju. Along the traces of Gwangju-eup Castle, 10 follies were installed, and the location is the most ideal place to set up follies in order to revitalize the old downtown of Gwangju.

  • Q. I am curious about the location of 11 works of Gwangju Folly I.

    You can see it by clicking the link below.

    ▶ Link to Tour Information Map  

    ※ The link will be revised upon opening of official homepage.

  • Q. What is folly?

    In the architectural sense, a ‘folly’ means an architecture that plays a decorative role after losing its original functions. However, Gwangju Folly refers to architectures that contribute to urban regeneration, playing both decorative and functional roles in public spaces.

    ‘Folly’ used to mean decorative, functionless architectures in the European mansion gardens, mostly in the U.K and France. However, as a Swedish architect Bernard Tschumi working in France installed 35 architectural structures in La Villette park in France, the word ‘folly’ became well-known to the world with a contemporary meaning. The park offers things to research, observe and see to the general public and experts through multiple follies, encouraging interactions between visitors and the park, and it is the mission of Gwangju Folly.  

    Rather than operating as individual urban architectures, Gwangju Folly will exercise its influence through unified patterns. The new follies to be located in the city are designed to achieve urban regeneration by providing strong cultures to the old downtown of Gwangju City which is experiencing a ‘hollowing out phenomenon’ after 40 years of fast growth.