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Folly I

Seowonmoon Lantern

Florian Beigel
광주 동구 제봉로 145 김재규경찰학원 앞


Seowonmoon Lantern connects the historical implications of the former Seowon Gate and surroundings of the Jebongro sidewalk. Merging a classical style of architecture and the symbolic form of the gate, the folly represents Seowonmoon, the east gate in Eupseong, the ancient city wall, while reflecting the contextual features of local surroundings. This artwork sends its focus to the exchanges and communication taking place among citizens on the Jebongro sidewalk. At the bottom part of this structure lies the May 18 Democratic Uprising Monument. From the top of the stairs, a small square in the sidewalk is viewed at a glance. This little tower offers a place where people can sit and wait for a bus, rest and stay only temporarily but share their daily life.


Florian Beigel