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Folly I

Gwangju Swarms

Nader Terahni
광주 동구 궁동 1-6 한화생명빌딩 건너편


The current site for Gwangju Swarms is characterized by a road crossing with a diverse set of scales and building types that anchor each corner, a site in transition. In turn, the narrow street with power poles, sewage pipe connections, street lights and other utility facilities hardly allows architectural interpretation. Meanwhile, the street edge is defined by a row of trees, delicately placed within the remaining spaces such that their roots may find some traction as they navigate the corner. Nader Tehrani proposes an interstitial space, between the ground and the sky, enmeshed in the natural space of the trees. Encrypted within the logic of the branches, a tensegrity structure of this installation floats overhead around the corner. By expressing living and moving tree branches in the artwork, that is, creating a space offering the coexistence of the people of Gwangju and light, Tehrani tries to explain Gwangju and its people.



Nader Terahni