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Folly I

Threshold for Intimate Recollections

Jo, Seong-Ryong
광주 서석로 7번길


A concrete mound showing the urban grid pattern by steel and corten steel plates is installed at the Call Box Crossing as a threshold to erased memories along Hwanggeumro (Gold Street), which runs along the traces of the old city wall leading to the old Western Gate. The sites of the old Western Gate is now more commonly known as the “Call Box Crossing” as symbolic figures of politicized monument for personalized memories. It serves as a marker for producing new memories. It is an threshold for intimate recollections. The plaque that is currently embedded in the pavement will be incorporated into the mound, along with other recycled remains of the removed pavement. A place with multiple names will retain its, plural character



Jo, Seong-Ryong